Through Turmoil to Transformation

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 We are living through times of immense and unpredictable change, and many of us are struggling to plot a spiritual path through an unfamiliar landscape where so many of the structures and values we have lived by seem to be collapsing. Caterpillars would understand how we feel. To become the butterfly they are destined to be, they endure what appears to be a catastrophic disintegration in the chrysalis. Are we also engaged in a divinely-guided process of transformation, or spiritual evolution, into the best version of humanity we can be? Could our present troubled and conflicted times be the seedbed of transformation? What can we learn from the caterpillar’s metamorphosis to guide our own journey? Are we, like the humble caterpillar, also ‘born to fly’?


A day of reflection and exploration for Spiritual Directors based on the theme of Margaret’s two new companion books ‘Hidden Wings’, July 2017 and ‘Born to Fly – a handbook for butterflies-in-waiting’, November 2017)                                                                                        Margaret Silf, March 2019


Margaret was born and brought up in Sheffield and now lives in Staffordshire. She holds a BA degree in English from London University and an MA from Keele University. She has a daughter and two grand-children.

After working as a translator in Germany, she was employed as a technical author in the IT industry until 2000, when she left regular employment, to devote herself to creative writing, and accompanying others on their spiritual journey through retreats, workshops and days of reflection. She is the author of a number of books for contemporary pilgrims searching for a spiritual way, including Landmarks, Roots and Wings, Sacred Spaces, The Other Side of Chaos, Hidden Wings, Born to Fly, Simple Faith and two collections of Wisdom Stories and is passionate about making Christian spirituality accessible and attractive to modern pilgrims and relevant to everyday life in the 21st century.

Truro Methodist Church Saturday 6th July 2019  10.30 – 4 pm cost £10 or

£9 if booked ahead by email or tel 07855781134

Includes drinks on arrival and lunch time. Bring packed lunch or food outlets very close.


Web Sites and Helpful reading

 Books which might be helpful

  • Holy Listening The Art of spiritual Direction by  Margaret Guenther (1992)
  • Spiritual Direction, A practical Introduction by Sue Pickering (2008)
  • Spiritual Direction Guidelines The Retreat Association (2016)
  • Spiritual Direction for Every Christian by Gordon Jeff (2007)



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