Spirituality Network for Cornwall


Dear Spiritual Directors,


The Network has been extremely busy and fruitful in the last few months.  Having fledged 13 new trainees in July last year, we now have another 10 in Cohort 2 who have almost completed their first year of training and also showing great promise.


The referral service has placed almost a hundred people in direction across the county and some into Devon, over the last 18 months and five directors have recently completed their Supervision Training with Julie Dunstan of the London Spirituality Centre.  Six more are lined up to train in November and another course is expected after that.   Supervision is a requirement for all Spiritual Directors and we now have a much better base of people trained to do that job.  Please remember that if you are to be recommended as a Spiritual Director by the Network, it is a requirement that you are in Supervision as well as in Spiritual Direction yourself.   Please contact me if you do not have Supervision in place.


We now have several events booked for the Network and hope very much to see you at some if not all.


Most excitingly we will have the visit of Margaret Silf in July.  Please do print off the public event poster for July 6th and put it in every place you can  think of and send it on by email to anyone who you think might be interested.  Margaret has been internationally acclaimed for many years now, and her books are widely regarded as classics in Spirituality.


Dates for your diary.


Friday 3rd May 2019   A meeting for Spiritual Directors at Epiphany House, Truro TR1 3DR   10.00 am until 3 pm.  An opportunity to catch up on what is currently happening within the Network, particularly as a result of the recent National and Regional meetings for Spiritual Directors.   Much is currently being discussed on Spiritual Abuse and it is the subject for workshops around the country. The day will include a seminar on Spiritual Abuse as Spiritual Directors need to look at this subject from all perspectives.  Supervision has also been the subject of training recently  and there will be an  update on that.  We will also have an opportunity to network and discuss further issues that confront Spiritual Directors today.   Cost £10 – please bring a packed lunch – tea and coffee available.  Please Book asap – see below.


Friday 14th June 2019  A day on Myers Briggs Type Indicator at Epiphany House  10- 4 pm – to be confirmed.


Thursday 4th July 2019  10 – 4 pm Epiphany House.  A day for Spiritual Directors with Margaret Silf.  –  Journeying through turbulent times.  Cost £12  See attachments.


Saturday 6th July 2019Day with Margaret Silf at Truro Methodist Church Through Turmoil to Transformation open to all.  Please feel free to advertise this event as widely as possible.  See Posters attached. 


Please book all events through hilaryspong@sent.com or telelphone 07855781134  or by post Rev’d Hilary Spong, Nansough Manor, Ladock Truro TR2 4PB


Guidelines for Spiritual Directors


I also attach the recently updated Guidelines for Spiritual Directors for your information, as it would seem that some of you did not receive them.  We have adhered to these Retreat Association guidelines for some while now although they are very similar to the Guidelines we produced ourselves several years ago. Please ensure that you are aware of them and particular of the changes highlighted in yellow.


Please also note that safeguarding training is of paramount importance and is mandatory for those Directors who are recommended by the Network.  Do ensure that you are up to date with your safeguarding training.

If you have any questions regarding how to go about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.  It is a requirement for all Spiritual Directors that their training is done every three years up to level C2, then regularly refreshed at C5.  This used to be C3 but we understand that this level is to be discontinued.


There is still a question mark on whether DBS is obligatory. We are awaiting further confirmation from the safeguarding team at Church house with whom discussions have been on-going for several months now.  I will advise you of developments as and when they occur.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible regarding bookings for the various other events.


with love and prayers for you all,




Rev’d Hilary Spong MA

Convenor, Spirituality Network for Cornwall


07855781134 and 01726 883315

Nansough Manor, Ladock,

Truro TR2 4PB


Steering Group: Rev’d Derek Collins, Rev’d Dr David Rake, Mrs Marion Lowe, Rev’d Bridget Guzek, Rev’d Hilary Spong